VANDERLEEK ROOFING INC. is a family owned company with its principle, Gary van der Leek, continuing in a Family Tradition that extends back to Holland where his great-grandfather, Architect and Builder Cornelis van der Leek, established a name in fine home construction. Many of the homes he constructed in the early 1900s are still standing in Haarlem, Holland.
Gary’s grandfather, Hendricus van der Leek, also an innovator, moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where he continued the Family Tradition by developing and manufacturing first generation Roller Form machines to produce retractable steel and aluminum awnings that are still used and manufactured by Foldo Blinds. Foldo Blinds third generation is still operated by Gary’s cousin Robbie van der Leek in Cape Town, South Africa.
Cornelis (Kees) van der Leek, Gary’s dad, immigrated to Canada, first arriving in Calgary in 1967. The climate change was a shock, from the warmth of the African sun to snow and ice, that motivated him to become a teacher, but not before leaving his mark on projects like the Namao Canadian Forces Air Base where he fabricated and installed parapet cladding for all of the airport hangers.
After having completed his teachers certificate, Kees chose to teach at the WP Wagner Trades School in Edmonton where he passed on his skills in the field of sheet metal. Retired now to Vancouver Island, Kees still offers consulting to VANDERLEEK ROOFING INC. and for fun he builds musical instruments.
Gary Cornelis van der Leek, owner of VANDERLEEK ROOFING INC. established this company after having received his roofing training on Vancouver Island in 1989. Building on the key factors of reliability, quality of workmanship and service to the client, VANDERLEEK ROOFING INC has built a reputation of trust. 

​The Island division currently is being operated by Christopher Ballegeer who has been with VANDERLEEK ROOFING INC. for over ten years.
Returning to Calgary, Gary van der Leek is excited to be able to continue to build the company based on a long Family Tradition of success, offering the best in all aspects of project management, innovation and service.

Continuing a 100 year Family Tradition

Opa a.k.a. Cornelis van der Leek

Commercial Roofing Company Calgary

Homestead 1928-1938

Commercial Roofing Company
Commercial Roofing Company Calgary
Commercial Roofing Company Calgary
Commercial Roofing Company Calgary
Vanderleek Roofing

Ons hout huisie Fiet-Gijzenbrug 1924

Commercial Roofing Company Calgary

Construction Die selfde huis 1935